Siren Choker

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Handcrafted pearl link choker. 


What truly distinguishes pearls is their organic origin - similar in nature only to red corals. These radiant gems take form within the shells of molluscs, such as oysters and mussels, as they covertly layer nacre around an intruder such as a grain of sand or bacteria. This natural process gives rise to the lustrous and iridescent pearls that have captivated humankind for generations. In contrast to gemstones typically mined from the Earth, pearls are a creation of the ocean, formed through a fascinating interplay between living organisms and the forces of nature.


Pearls are associated with the Moon in Vedic astrology. In India, the Moon, referred to as Chandra, holds a position of significance due to its close ties with emotions, the mind, and the cultivation of mental peace. The connection between pearls and the moon make it a symbol of emotional stability, tranquillity, and inner peace.


  • 18 K gold micro-plated brass and fresh water pearls
  • Adjustable length
  • Each order comes in our signature pink velvet pouch

We use 100% natural stones which are a product of Mother Earth. This is why our gemstones may come in variations of color, pattern and texture which also means every piece is unique. Please note that the stone colors may vary slightly from the image. We believe that these variations are what make your piece of jewelry that little bit more unique and personal – just for you.

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