Beige Jamdani Limited Edition

Rs. 2,999.00 INR



Maikai is the creator of world's first cotton sports bras.

Feel comfortable in your skin, as you move in our 100% cotton* workout & yoga wear. With us, say no to synthetic fabrics & micro plastics and say yes to clothing made to your measurements.

Maikai sports bras have double fabric lining, so there’s no need of pads and have double straps for full coverage & support. 

Introducing your favourite cotton sports bras in our first ever limited edition Jamdani cotton.

The Jamdani weaving tradition is of Bengali origin. It is one of the most time and labor intensive forms of handloom weaving.

Jamdani has its roots in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a hand-woven, fine cotton fabric deftly embellished with intricate motifs that are expertly woven into the fabric.

Handwoven jamdani fabrics are woven in cotton making them so sheer and soft. The designs are woven into the fabric while it is on the loom. The resulting cloth is so fine and airy that the motifs seem to float - perfect for comfortable clothing. Jamdani certainly deserves a special place in our heart and our wardrobes.

Made with fabric sourced directly from weavers.

'80% of women wear the wrong bra size.'- nytimes

How to order

Maikai is made to measure. To place an order, add to cart and enter the following details in the box 'Your customisation details'  at checkout:

  • your bra size (e.g. 34 B)
  • your over bust (fullest part of bust) in inches
  • your under bust (just below the bust) in inches

If you are ordering multiple bras in different sizes, mention the product title (eg: Blueberry Smoothie Sports Bra) and the above details under each. 


The length of the bra also increases with the increase in size and cups. A customisation given exclusively at Maikai. Please ensure you provide all the details correctly for the best fit of your Maikai.

*refers to the fabric used and excludes the small amount of elastic used in the product


  • Hand wash your pieces with mild detergent in cold water.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Wash colors separately. 
  • Do not soak block print fabrics and do not dry them in direct sunlight.


Each Maikai is handcrafted in custom measurements. Please allow 14 working days (Mon-Friday) for making your order. Shipping takes between 2-7 working days based on local logistics and regulations.