Maikai Sports Bras

My personal quest of finding the right fit and fabric in sports bras encouraged me to design my very own. 

Maikai is the creator of world's first block print cotton sports bras, made to your unique body.

Feel comfortable in your skin, as you move in our 100% cotton workout & yoga wear. With us, say no to synthetic fabrics & micro plastics and say yes to clothing made to your measurements.

Maikai sports bras have double fabric lining, so there’s no need of pads and double straps for full coverage and support. 

Each piece is made to order, and handcrafted by our team of two artisans. We are proud to share that we provide fair wages(pay per order) to our team and thus every order you place, supports our artisans.

You are perfect. Thank you for being you.

- Vidya, Creator, Maikai