Strength, wisdom, and intuition are natural to us, as they are to every sentient creature. But they don’t belong to us. Our gifts and powers and talents are aspects of the divine energy that moves through everything in the world. We can exercise them, master our gifts through effort. But they are never ours. Tantric masters recognized that fact. They understood the power of archetypal energies. Their greatest insight, however, was to realize that all power could be traced back to a subtle sacred source. They called that shakti, or cosmic power.

Shakti is the divine cosmic energy that represents feminine energy and the dynamic forces that move through the universe. As a vital cosmic force, Shakti takes many forms and names, including mother goddess, fierce warrior, and the dark goddess of destruction. In Hinduism, every god has a Shakti, or energy force. It’s one of the reasons she is worshipped by millions of people throughout India.
She’s an archetype who you might call upon for strength, fertility, and power.

She is honored as the mother goddess, a universal source of energy, power, and creativity.

Explore the different faces of Shakti.

Attribution: My knowledge on the goddess archetypes is hugely from Sally Kempton's work. Thank you Sally, for teaching an Indian woman, more about Hindu Goddesses.