Introducing our new collection, Coastal Spell, that transports you into a nostalgia of experiencing monsoons with a childlike wonder. 

This capsule comprises of 4 pieces embodying our classic feminine aesthetic. From our signature short kimono jacket in a new print of the season, to an out & about everyday midi dress, along our newest addition- a classic wrap top with a Maikai twist, there is a piece for every mood. The fourth piece is a monsoon inspired print for our bestselling, Mapusa Jumpsuit.

Monsoons are an integral part of life in Goa. This is the time when everyone slows down and recovers from the hustle-bustle of the previous season, which is a busy time for the locals, as the state is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. It is the season of lovers, and here in Goa too, it is no different. You can find the popular lane of 'Dear Zindagi' in Parra, filled with lovers, against the scenic backdrop of in-numerous palm tress and the blue sky at any point of the day.

Between the months of June and August, Goa’s monsoons are peaking. There is consistent rain every year, because Goa is on the Konkan coast of India. The rain clouds enter from the Arabian sea, towards the Western Ghats and lead to showers of rain. The three beautiful rivers of Goa - Chapori, Sal and Zuari flow like no other season. The lushness of Goa is incomparable; it is at its greenest during this time. The trees and rice paddies look all fresh and green. The waterfalls feel incredible and when the sun is out, you can see the birds basking in the sunlight to dry themselves off. 

Both the North and South of Goa have their own charm. If music & multi cuisine food spots drive you, the North hits all the right spots and if you’ve come here looking for solitude, gorgeous beaches and palm trees, you know where to go! 

Overlooking the Mandovi river, right in the heart of Panjim there exists an area called Fontainhas, which houses some vibrant Goan homes and buildings. The streets here are even more captivating during this season. You see the locals enjoying fresh choriz poi & tea at the local bakeries that have been around since the 1800s.

We began this year with a series of capsule collections called 'Postcards from Goa' as a glimpse into the Susegad. The first and second volumes are inspired by the slow lifestyle of the locals, embodying mindful living from the onset of summer until it peaks. Coastal Spell is the third and final volume of this series, capturing the essence of monsoon, as the people here prepare for yet another tourist season.

Our founder and designer, Vidya, says, "I always take inspiration from nature around me, when I create a mood board for a capsule. Coastal Spell is a blend of my present day romance with monsoons where I live currently, and my childhood memories of the same." 

handblock print cotton dress


Twilight is your everyday midi dress. It has the cottage core aesthetic of a milk maid dress. The mid thigh slit adds a hint of sensuality to its modest style. This is the dress you'd like to come home to or go out wearing after a long day's work. She is your feel good outfit.


It is a wrap! Wrap tops and dresses have a simple, yet elegant silhouette that give you a relaxed fit while hugging you in the right areas. The Gulmohar top is our rendition of a wrap top. This versatile piece could go from being a beach cover up top, to being layered over a fitted sweater, in the colder months, for that pop of colour.

We love jackets and we wear it throughout the year. A good printed duster or jacket can elevate a rather simple outfit. Our peacock print Mayūra jacket does just that. The earthy and rich tones of this jacket make it feel very regal. We are definitely going to reach out for this one, on many occasions to come.

July 26, 2022 — Rachel Pherwani

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